Established in 1994. A North Shore Original
Established in 1994. A North Shore Original
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Daisy-Head Mayzie
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Daisy-Head Mayzie

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Daisy-Head Mayzie

Contributor(s): Dr Seuss (Author)
ISBN: 0553539000    EAN: 9780553539004
Binding: Hardcover
Pub Date: July 05, 2016


Daisy goes back to her roots!


Think you know Daisy-Head Mayzie? Think again! With all-new illustrations and a revised plot based on Dr. Seuss's original screenplay and signature-style sketches, the timeless tale of Mayzie McGrew--a girl who suddenly sprouts a daisy from her head--is sweeter, funnier, and . . . well . . . more Seussian than ever!


Some things, however, remain the same: In the same zany way that the Cat wreaks havoc in The Cat in the Hat, the darling blossom that springs from Mayzie's head sets off a series of madcap reactions that will leave young readers (and their lucky parents) giggling with glee. An ideal comic choice for celebrating those qualities that make each of us unique, this brand-new edition of Daisy-Head Mayzie is perfect just the way it is!

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