Established in 1994. A North Shore Original
Established in 1994. A North Shore Original
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The Cherokee Princes (SIGNED by Author)
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The Cherokee Princes (SIGNED by Author)

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The Cherokee Princes: Mixed Marriages and Murders - The True Unknown Story Behind the Trail of Tears (SIGNED by Author)

by Dean W. Arnold (Author)
ISBN: 0989377946  EAN: 978-0989377942
Binding: Trade Paperbound
Pub Date: June 16, 2019


Intermarriages, assassinations, and missionary arrests threatened Andrew Jackson with Civil War thirty years before Lincoln.The Connecticut town of Cornwall rioted when John Ridge proposed to Sarah—not because she was fifteen but because John was an Indian, a future Cherokee chief. He and other 'Cherokee Princes' mastered Greek and Latin at these prestigious New England schools and served as diplomats in Washington for the Cherokee Nation, ninety percent of which became literate Christians and farm owners. When these scholars returned to their homeland in Appalachia, settlers continued to seek fortunes by taking land from the ‘savages.’ A young missionary suffered in prison for siding with the Cherokees, and the greatest civil rights case America had yet seen created a constitutional crisis, leading to the assassination of certain Cherokee Princes.What was the motive for these unsolved murders surrounding the Trail of Tears? The suspects include both U.S. citizens and fellow Native Americans. How did this seminal event affect our soul and future as a nation? Journalist Dean W. Arnold provides a fascinating sourced narrative. Utilizing his trademark style—nonfction with a plot—he delivers a unique and edifying experience, a ‘novel’ where every exciting action and quote is true.DEAN W. ARNOLD has been endorsed by a Pulitzer winner, a U.S. Senator, and an Oxford professor. But his best compliment comes from friends who say they finished his books in one sitting.Comments on "Cherokee Princes":“A page-turner.”—Gordon Wetmore, President, Portrait Society of America” . . . clear but compelling style of writing.”—U.S. Senator Bob Corker, Chairman, Foreign Relations Committee“We were ninety percent literate, which was probably ten times the rate of whites in those surrounding states.”—Chad “Corn Tassel” Smith, Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation (from his interview with the author in the postscript)On Arnold's book "Old Money, New South"“ . . . chronicles the fascinating and little-known history of a unique place and tells the story of many of the great families that have shaped it. It was a story well worth telling, and one well worth reading.”—Jon Meacham, Editor, NEWSWEEK Author, Pulitzer Prize WinnerComments on "The Wizard and the Lion" (Screenplay on the friendship between J. R.R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis):“Significant historical details are clearly represented and yet [he provides] a well-crafted drama.”—Oxford C. S. Lewis Society“ . . . sincerely impressed.”—Dr. Tyler FisherMagdalen College, University of OxfordComments from unsolicited Amazon reviews of Arnold’s most recent book, "Hillary & Vince::“Once I started reading the book I couldn’t put it down until I was finished.”“. . . he gave me the option of taking each piece of evidence and coming to my own conclusion.”“Never afraid to take a controversial position or challenge the conventional . . .”“This is a fast, fact-filled read . . . I couldn’t put it down. Fascinating.”“I read it in one day.”“Great book!! It kept me at the edge of my set. WOW!”“Well done and easy to follow.”“If for no other reason than to appreciate clarity in writing, this book is a worthy purchase.”“I found I was consulting the footnotes whenever a salacious detail popped up to see if the source was credible. . . . The book backs up all its assertions.”“Dean Arnold has performed an enormous public service.”“. . . exceptional story-telling skills.”“A must read.”

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